Praying For Ashley

Good afternoon:
First, I just wanted to say thank you for joining this website. I’m so glad you want to be in the know about prayers, needs, and praises for the Jansen family. Over the next month, there will start to be needs posted on here. If you ever have questions on anything you are welcome to reach out to me anytime. My contact information is below.
The reason I’m sending out this message is because I set up a sign up sheet for specific times to pray for Ashley everyday. There are 4 openings per time slot from 5am to midnight. All you have to do is a pick a time that you can commit to praying for Ashley everyday and then write you name in next to that time.
Thank you in advance for the ways you love and support the Jansen family.
Anchored in Christ,
Rachael Walkup
Cell: 770.402.8559

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