First, I should tell you that I got my appointment moved up and I had my last drain removed this past Thursday. Yippee! I have been cleared to drive so watch out world I’m back on the roads! I am also able to take a shower by myself now and I wore a shirt that I put over my head for the first time today. It’s the little victories you have to hold onto and celebrate and so those are mine today.
Second, this means no more doctor appointments until I go to chemo training on 4/25 and my first chemo treatment on 4/27. Mark is coming with me to this first one.
Third, we got the onco test results back (you can click on this link to read about the onco test – it’s the same link I put before for those that wanted to read what it was). Low is anything from under 19. Intermediate is 19-29. High is anything 30+. This was the last test we were waiting on to set in stone the short (4 treatments) or long (20 treatments) schedule of chemo. She said as long as I was under 30 we would do 4. It came back at 25!! YIPPEE!! The other thing we were waiting to hear back from the oncologist was whether I would need radiation after the chemo. I had mentioned she was going to take my case in front of a panel. The panel was split. And so her recommendation was for me to wait until after I was done with chemo and then I could have a radial oncologist look at my case and see what he/she thought. Her personal view is that I won’t need it. Pray I won’t need radiation and come July I can concentrate on just getting better and preparing for my final reconstructive surgery.
I am looking forward to a pretty normal week this before chemo craziness begins. I am still unable to pick G-man up until early May. He is hanging out at my in-laws for awhile this week and then Mimi will come and stay with us the rest of the week. My parents are staying for the week of my first chemo. We are so thankful and appreciative for such wonderful parents; willing to help and live with us. Couldn’t do it without them!!
I have had many people ask how they can help and if I have a meal calendar they can sign up on. Yes! At the top of this email it says: ‘Ashley has posted an update to: The Jansen Family’. ‘The Jansen Family’ is linked to the actual website. Click on that link. At the top of the website you will see a calendar icon. Click on that and you can sign up for a meal, groceries, etc.
The last thing I want to mention that you could pray specifically for is physical therapy. There is an amazing PT place here in the area called Turning Point. It is solely for breast cancer patients. When I got my last drain out the nurse was able to see that I have developed what they call ‘cording’ in my right arm. It is pretty uncomfortable and causes me limited use with my arm. (To read what cording is click here). The only way to remove it is to have physical therapy. Currently the first available appointment isn’t until 5/25!! They have me on the cancellation list – pray that something opens up quickly.
This really was more of an update. Nothing on my heart necessarily to share tonight. I’m thankful and so appreciative for your continued prayers. They keep me (and my family) going! Remember that if you want to comment and/or respond you can reply directly to this email. It comes straight to me.
Remember – don’t steal tomorrow’s worries for today. Cast your cares on Him – He is who can provide relief. Don’t keep carrying them yourself – He never created us to.
P.S. I had to include a better picture since the last one was TERRIBLE. We celebrated Hamilton turning NINE last week. (And if you know me you know it drives me crazy that the 9 is turned backwards in this picture. AAAKK!)

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