Chemo Treatment #1

Good afternoon:
Today is Ashley’s first chemo treatment. She arrived at 9:15 this morning. But had a few speed bumps. She posted this on the Team AJ Facebook page
“Thank you so much for the encouraging words and prayers. Keep them coming – they are so nice to read as I’m sitting here. We got a bit of a later start. Got here and had blood drawn, consult with doctor, and IV put in. I lost about 5 pounds so they had to have Dr. Zelnak sign off on a new dosage which then meant they had wait on a new order of meds. So all that to say we started at about 11:00 and it will be 5 hours from then until I am done. (around 4:00 pm est). Lots of love! Feeling good.
They are about to start the first chemo right now. Prayers appreciated. A little nervous.”
If you have a moment you can comment on this update to encourage her using words, prayers, verses, etc.
Thanks so much,

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