This Man Of Mine

I posted this to my FB page but wanted to share here because I know many of you are not on FB.
“This man of mine – what would I do without him?  He makes this time so much better & peaceful. He has been my rock. Constantly reminding me that he’s with me and that we can do this together. He tells me I’m beautiful daily and prays over me nightly. He truly is the best of the best. And I know that being the caretaker can be just as hard (maybe harder in a way) then being the patient. Don’t forget to check on and reach out to the caretakers. They need love and support too. I love you babe – you truly do complete me. No one else I’d want to walk this road with. YAMQ!! 😘
If I can share a small God moment with this picture. We were there yesterday for 7.5 hours and I had thought multiple times to take a picture with Mark but it kept getting interrupted with lunch, vein issues, etc. So we left and realized I didn’t get a pic. I got emotional thinking he’s not coming back with me for future treatments and I wouldn’t have my hair blah blah. Anyway emotions were heavy. Mark felt bad but we had to get to another appointment before 6. Mark rushed back to the hospital and we got there about 6:30 (we had left around 4:45 – they close at 5:00). We got on the elevator to floor 4, doors opened, and the 3 nurses that helped me were standing there waiting to get on. There are 3 elevators. They could’ve gotten on another one to go down. Been 1 min earlier. But nope they were there. I immediately started crying and they were worried something was actually wrong. They let us back in and I got the picture I so desired. Each day has a victory within its 24 hours – however small it may be – don’t miss it!!”

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