Today’s Doctor Appointment

This morning I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon, Dr. Mackay. I got a lot of updates in the quick 30 minutes I was there.
  • I got a “fill” (I’ll skip those details to spare my male readers)
  • I got scheduled for my final reconstruction surgery to be the first week of August AND it is an out-patience procedure AND it only has a weight restriction (not picking up G-man again) for 4 weeks (instead of 8 like this time)
So, I’d say overall it was a great appointment. He said everything is looking good and he is pleased with how everything is healing.
I do think my hair is starting to fall out. Not in clumps, but when I pull it it comes out in bits. We will see – my sweet boys still pray every night that my hair doesn’t fall out. Tonight when I told them (and showed them) I let them know that my sweet Hanna (who cuts all of our hair) said she would come over to the house to shave my head. We told the boys that they could watch and even help her. So who knows – maybe it all falling out will end up being a fun family memory. I mean what boy wouldn’t like to shave their mommy’s head. They may even decide to do theirs too. Ha!
We are all missing Garrett, but he is having a blast in Texas and being very well taken care of. I’ve heard he has had many play dates as well. I so appreciate all my Texas friends and family loving on him!
All is well here. It has been a great week. I have felt really good and have resumed some normalcy around the house. I was able to get a prescription for the coughing and chest pain (which I found out was intense/extreme indigestion and reflux). It has gotten a little better. It still flares up at night so sleep has not been great. Praying it gets better as the medicine starts to work.
I’ll leave you with a verse my sweet friend Bill gave us, “…We went through fire and flood, but you brought us to a place of great abundance.” Psalm 66:12. We are confident, because we serve a God that has never changed, that at the end of this he will have led us to a place of great abundance. A place of great refreshment. And although, come Fall, it may be all but a memory, it’s effect will be etched on our family and my soul forever.

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