The Great Shave of 2016

Well…it happened. As much as Mark kept trying to encourage me it was just thinning it in fact was coming out. My last two showers the drain looked more like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons had showered. It was just getting messy and my head was getting itchy.
My sweet Hanna (Seriously, if you are local go check out Revive Salon. All 5 of us see Hanna, but any of the gals there are fantastic!) came over to the house on Saturday. Hamilton and Luke helped run the razor a little, but ultimately I think they got a little bored. HA! Even with my hair falling out, I have thick hair and a lot of it so it took a little longer than they thought it would to actually ‘shave’ it.
My head is still a little tender, but ultimately it does feel so much better. I was able to purchase a few hats and scarves. I will not be purchasing a wig. It’s summer – and well really it’s the perfect season/time to not have hair.
I still get a little shocked when I see myself in a mirror and going out in public today has been a little interesting. But, overall, it’s just all part of this experience.
Mom, Katie, and Garrett fly in tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait!! I think I might hold G-man all day!! Katie will be attending my chemo treatment with me on Wednesday morning. Thursday I will go back for my shot and then Katie will fly home. Mom is staying through Saturday. Mark will be with me throughout the weekend (which was the hardest time last treatment). Joan will take L & G the beginning of the week to allow me time to ease into feeling better. By mid- to late- next week life will be somewhat normal. Me staying at home being a mommy to my youngest boys.
School is coming to a close here in GA. Luke’s last day of 3s PreK is this Thursday and Hamilton finishes third grade next Friday. I’ve been scheduling the boys in different camps and VBS’ to help fill their summer days. Hamilton will also be attending Kanakuk Kamp for two weeks in July. I know the summer will fly by and we will be kicking off the new school year before we know it.
I have had many people ask me about signing up for my meal calendar. It has been amazing the help the meals has been. If you would like to sign-up you will need to actually log-in to the helpinghands website and then click on the calendar on my page. Rachael has extended the meals throughout the summer thru a few weeks after my surgery in August.
I am receiving your replies (if you want to comment, just reply to this email) and love reading them. I try to respond, but sometimes am not able to do so – but I do read them!
I’m doing well – feel great this week and am in good spirits. God continues to give me peace and grace and I know it’s because all of you are faithful to bathe me in prayer. Your love and support of me and my family is amazing – overwhelming. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus and serving us so well.

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