Arm Update

Hi there,
I know many of you have been praying for my vein issues in my arm I mentioned last update. I wanted to let you know that my veins are not healing as they would like and the decision has been made for me to have a PICC line put in. This out-patient procedure will be done the day before my next treatment, so Tuesday, June 7. It will stay in throughout the month of June and removed sometime after my last treatment (6/29). This is a good solution that I am okay with. It’s not as invasive as a port would be (I would have to be put under for a port and would have another scar). It is a temporary yet long-term IV put in my upper arm. I will have an IV tube hanging from my arm which requires a PICC arm band (who knew sites like existed) as well as waterproof sleeves for me to shower with. I will not have any pool time or lake time in June (but I don’t really think I would have had anyway). Overall, the inconvenience it may cause does not outweigh the relief of anxiety it will provide on treatment days. Not to mention the possibility of treatment taking 4-5 hours instead of 7-8 hours.
I have received so many sweet texts, emails, cards, phone calls, etc. checking in on me. The answer to the most popular question: How was it this time around? SO MUCH BETTER!! Really! I didn’t have to take any of my anti-nauseous prescriptions. I slept most all of Saturday and Sunday, but really felt overall good. I even was able to go on Hamilton’s end of school field trip this past Thursday. (It wore me out and I had to take it easy Friday, but I still got to go).
Thank you so much for all your prayers. They are working!!
I hope everyone has a fun-filled yet relaxing Memorial Day weekend.
P.S. The picture is one I took of me and the boys on a walk around the block. Hamilton was at school and we were soaking in the wonderful weather.

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