Three Down; One To Go

So chemo went much smoother this go around – no pokes, pricks, or needles. It also went much faster (only 5 hours instead of 8). Two of my dearest friends joined me this time around. Ashley Franks, which many of you know due to following her own battle with breast cancer two years ago. I went to one of her chemo treatments so it was quite surreal for her to be sitting with me two years later. You never know just how God will cross your paths and orchestrate precious relationships. Kimberly McLeod also joined me. I met Kimberly soon after I moved to GA 15 years ago and she has been one of my most faithful friends – if I need prayer or council she is my girl.
The down side of the actual day of chemo going better than before is that it seems the aftermath has been harder. The previous two treatments chemo was on Wednesday and I felt fine until Saturday and Sunday then I was gaining energy by Monday. This time around I started feeling pretty bad by Thursday and am still not gaining much strength back.
A friend texted me and asked what she could pray for specifically and my response was, “That the semi truck would roll off of me”. That’s sorta what it has felt like – low energy, chest pains, labored breathing, extreme fatigue – and it just won’t pass. BUT! The title of this post…only ONE MORE LEFT!!
I was able to go to church tonight which felt good to at least get vertical for the first time in 4 days. I have the older boys in a VBS this week at a local church so luckily they will have something fun to occupy their time and me and G-man can chill watching Thomas the Train at home.
i so appreciate your continued prayers and ask that you keep them coming.
I heard this song on the way home from church today and it reminded me of the verse in Matthew I’ve referenced in a previous post, “Thy will be done!”. Here is the link to the words and song: CLICK HERE.

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