Welcome to the new site!  This website will be the place I post new updates concerning my health and life in general.  I’ve gone dark on social media for the next year and the helpinghands site has served it’s purpose regarding the care calendar, etc.  I felt it would be easier to move over to a site that does not require a user name to view thus making it easier to access and share.

If you were a member of the helpinghands site I have transferred your email to this site for you to receive email updates when I post.  You will get a confirmation email for you to confirm you want to continue receiving emails of my updates. (You can always reject the registration or unsubscribe if you wish).  If you were not a part of the original helpinghands site  you can put your email address in the ‘Follow blog via Email’ box at the top right corner of this page and click ‘Follow’.  You will then get an email with any update I post.

I have moved all of my previous posts since February to this site that you can access on the right – they are organized by month.  So I hope you will stick around on this journey with me – although chemo is over and I’m officially cancer free I know there is still much road untraveled.

I meet with my oncologist next week to get my second shot (the one that suppresses my ovaries to stop estrogen production) and have blood work done.  I also have my three week follow-up appointment with the plastic surgeon next Friday.  He will be able to tell me whether he thinks I need future surgeries as well as release me for physical therapy and normal activity (i.e. pick up Garrett).  Overall, I am feeling much better both physically and emotionally.

Speaking of Garrett he is doing great and having a wonderful time in Texas.  He even sent us a note in the mail.  We miss him much and we are all looking forward to him coming back next weekend and our days and lives regaining a little normalcy.


My last post was pretty vulnerable and you were all so kind to write and respond with love and concern.  Your continued prayers are appreciated.



P.S.  With this new website you can still get in contact with me by responding to the email (that you will receive if you sign-up above) or you can comment at the very bottom of the page in the ‘Leave a Reply’ box.  I try to respond back to everyone that reaches out to me – I so love reading your feedback and comments.

2 Replies to “Welcome!”

  1. Hey Ashley! I don’t know if you remember me from Baylor, but I was in Cru with Evie (and Elaine for a bit) and lived near you in UP. I saw a picture of Evie and Elaine with you in your scarf, looked to see what was going on, and I found this page. I don’t live far from you–I’m in Buford. I’m now following and praying for your continued recovery.


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