I’ve Got My Baby Back…

…and all is right in our world again.

Here is the video of our reunion.

Thank you Jenny for bringing him back to us.  We loved having you with us – it’s been a long time since the two of us have had a slumber party.  Jenny and I have been pretty much inseparable for 21 years (crazy it’s been that long!) – she is a dear, special friend.

I also wanted to update you that my surgery has been scheduled for the afternoon of October 21.  I will have my ovaries taken out which will eliminate the need for the monthly shot.  I am okay and at peace with this decision and think it will be best long-term.

I am looking forward to starting back physical therapy tomorrow.  I am so thankful for Turning Point and absolutely love my therapists there.

I hope y’all enjoy your Labor Day weekend.  We will be celebrating Mark’s birthday.  Garrett’s birthday is also this weekend, but since he’s been gone the last 3 weeks we decided to celebrate him at the end of the month.  Didn’t want to miss his last weeks of being a toddler so we are pretending it’s not his birthday.  (Call me sentimental).



8 Replies to “I’ve Got My Baby Back…”

  1. I bet there are tears in those eyes we can’t see…so glad you are gaining strength.  Praying for you and yours daily.

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    1. It was my honor to bring your baby back to you! What a joyous reunion and brought tears to my eyes! Love you my precious and dear friend. You have always been more like a sister to me and it was such a blessing to spend the past three days with your incredible family!!! Love the Jansens!!!


  2. GREAT!!! reunion! LOVED seeing Garrett and being with him, don’t know if your parents told you, but he really warmed up later in my visit!!!! very active and friendly, got some cute pictures. Have fun this week with your parents and celebrating birthdays!! Glad you have scheduled your surgery. Love, MJ


  3. So sweet! I can’t imagine how exciting that little reunion was! Still praying! Thanks for the updates! Jessica Cohee Sent from my iPhone



  4. hey Ashley!!! hannah said the boys were awesome on Saturday – you couldn’t get over how big Garrett has gotten! they were so sweet to her!!! glad you are all under one roof again and doing well! praying for your surgery in October! love you, Rachel >


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