These precious people are watching our munchkins this week.  Our boys call them Mimi and Papa J.  They are my in-laws, but Joan and I like to use the term “in-loves” instead.  In a previous entry I posted about my own parents and what a support and lifeline they have been during these past 8 months.  Mark’s parents, too, have been a huge help to us.  They are local to us so they were able to help during the immediate time from my diagnosis in February until my surgery in March.  Joan dropped and canceled a lot to babysit to allow me to go to doctor’s appointments (and still does).  Mark and his dad own a company together and his dad was so gracious and understanding with all the time off Mark took this year so I could have my husband by my side during the thick of it all.

I pray for my boys wives, but I also pray they are as lucky as I am with the ‘in-loves’ they marry into.  I know without the prayers, love, support, and care the Jansens have shown I would not have gotten through this year.

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