No Whammies

I have received a lot of questions regarding why I decided to take some time off from social media.  First, it had become an issue of obedience for me – or rather disobedience as it turns out.  But that’s another post for another time.

The simplified reasons are:

First: Joy.  Or really lack there of.  Social media was not bringing me joy, it was bringing me down.  I was comparing myself.  In how I mothered.  In how I looked.  How my house looked.  I felt left out a lot.  I would see friends posting about their social time with other friends and find myself sad that I wasn’t included.  I got frustrated or angry at posts.  And, really, ‘mama ain’t got time for that’.

Second:  Time.  I was wasting So.  Much.  Time.  It was ridiculous.  It was the never-ended abyss of clicks and likes and comments and videos and articles and recipes and memes and…and…and…

Third:  An Unhealthy Escape.  I came to escape to social media.  If I was frustrated with my kids or down on my day I’d escape to Instagram or Facebook hoping for a laugh.  If I needed a time-out or just to veg a little I’d escape to social media looking to pass some time.  But these both led to the first two issues – I’d end up wasting more time than I intended and I’d end up feeling worse off than I started.  It was like looking for a ‘No Whammie’ and getting a ‘Double Whammie’ when ‘Double Whammie’ was all that was left to choose from.  It never provided what I went with the hopes to get.

I think that third reason is a biggie.  What do you escape to?  Diet Coke?  Chocolate?  Social Media?  Games on your phone? TV?  A good fiction book?  I am in the process of learning how to escape to the only one who can truly accept and help what I’m escaping from.  Not to sound ‘christianese’ here, but I’m talking about escaping to Jesus.  He’s the definition of freedom.  He’s the epitome of acceptance.  He can provide the deep breath and help I’m so desiring.  Jesus only offers ‘No Whammies’.    So why shouldn’t I try escaping to Him first.  I might still want to veg out in a good book or work on the puzzle in my phone app afterwards, but at least I have taken a moment and gone to Him first.

I am not saying that drinking a diet coke, while snacking on chocolate, with your nose in a good book is bad.  Not at all.  I’m just challenging you to go to Him first.  You may just find you have more cokes in the frig and chocolate on the shelf.

9 Replies to “No Whammies”

  1. I agree 100%!! I got off almost two years ago, and although it is challenging at times, I know that my mental state is soooo much better. I was a prisoner to social media, waiting for people to “like” ME. My identity was based on what other people liked about me and whether or not they’d accept me. My day would be ruined if people didn’t wish me a “happy birthday” on my wall or like my photo when I knew they were online!! It drove me nutty, and I realized I didn’t like the person I was on social media and what it was doing to my heart. So, in March of 2015, I got off! It’s been almost two years, and it’s been hard. I still feel left out sometimes in conversations about the latest drama on FB, but I quickly recover and don’t sink into depression. If I don’t see the pictures, I can’t feel jealous. If I don’t know about the post, it doesn’t haunt my dreams. I’m much better for not having it even though I miss some aspects (online garage sales, neighborhood happenings, small groups, etc.). But you learn to live without them, and you stop being petty and narcissistic…that’s HUGE. I’ve stopped fretting over my appearance and how my family appears. I just live in the moment now. And I don’t take pictures of every single thing. It’s so freeing!! Good for you and keep at it…you’re better off! Praise God for opening your eyes!!

    Thanks for sharing! Ashley

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  2. HI Ashley , I so appreciated your post this morning. I have felt this way for a while and you said it so well! I hope others take your lead and cut down on the social media and live in the real world while putting our eyes on the only one who can satisfy.
    Blessings! Becky Duryea


  3. I haven’t got time To reply in full… as I’d like to right now but I have to say just real quick… THIS is IT Ashley. What I think more people need to get to. And WHY is no one saying this? I was in a conversation recently of a LOt of moms talking about social media and FOMO and it wasn’t a good conversation. I was like “HELLO PEOPLE?!?” Don’t just say “I should” but “do” it. I’ve been off Facebook for like 7 years now and don’t miss a thing. I gained hours, perspective and more. I’m proud of you and never questioned your decision for one second. Social media never tells the story of someone’s life. It doesn’t replace face time or phone time. I try not to forget that when I peek into someone through IG but it can be hard. Love and prayers to you!! – Joy.

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  4. I LOVE and agree with your every feeling about social media/FB! Thank you for your open and honest heart! It’s great to find out that I’m not alone in my longing to rid FB time wasting. I couldn’t agree more! There’s plenty of other things to project my focus that are fruitful for myself and my sweet family. FB not being one of those things for me!

    Hugs & Kisses for keeping it real!!!!

    Faithe Michaels



  5. I truly could not agree with this more. I could have written this. Social media makes me feel SO down and just so anxious. In the beginning of my current pregnancy, I was up at night worrying a good bit, I’d get online as a distraction. I ended up feeling so, so much worse. I actually started using that time to talk to God. The change it made was huge, just massive for me. I use Facebook only very minimally now. It’s just way too toxic for me. Good for you for speaking up and being so empowered!!


  6. LOVE THIS POST!! I have struggled this week specifically with #1!!! And I continue to feel conviction over my lack of quiet time.



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