Surgery Update

So if you follow my Team AJ page on Facebook you saw this picture already. That would be my leg Thursday night after visiting the ER. (Thank you Katey for pulling strings to get me in quickly – I got there at 7:00 and was in the car leaving at 9:00. The place was packed so for me to have been seen, have X-rays, and be done in two hours was nothing but a miracle!)

Thursday after dinner we went outside to play with the boys and enjoy the beautiful weather. Honestly, I just wanted to have some fun with the boys before I was going to be cooped up and recovering for the next week. Somehow, while running after Hamilton, I turned/stepped funny. I didn’t feel anything or hear anything pop – but my next step I just buckled and went down. 

Luckily Joan was already here and so she took the boys inside to start baths. Mark stayed with me as I started taking my shoes off to see if I could see what happened or a difference between my feet. He tried to help me stand up, and with a scream of some few choice words, I realized that wasn’t going to happen. We then knew we needed to go to the ER. Mark carried me to the car – me crying the whole way (the foot dangling and bouncing was excruciating). 

At first they thought I broke my right metatarsal bone above my pinky toe. However, Xrays showed no fractures. After feeling around my foot she felt like it must be a strained, pulled, or torn tendon in the same area. She gave me a recommendation for an orthopedist, wrapped my foot up like a football, gave me some Percocet and sent me on my way with crutches. Due to my surgery she also wrote me a Rx for a walker. Having surgery with 3 incisions along your stomach isn’t great for crutches. 

So I had my surgery Friday morning. All went well and was pretty quick. We got there at 6:30. They knocked me out about 7:30 and we were back on the road by 9:00. We stopped by the pharmacy to pick up my new mode of transportation (the walker) and some aspirin. I’m supposed to be walking around every hour to help prevent blood clots as well as get the gas pockets to absorb. But I can’t really do that so the aspirin is supposed to help. 

I feel pretty good if I keep up with the Percocet regimen. I’m supposed to follow up with Dr. Howard (my GYN who did the surgery) in a month. I have an appointment for my foot in a couple weeks. 

At first I was just so mad. It was like – seriously God – why is this happening? This is the last thing I need. But, on the way to the ER, Mark prayed over me and we talked about how this will be a part of my story. And I literally was praising his name that it happened after our vacation, and that I was already going to be recovering from surgery so it’s not putting me out, and that Joan and my mom already had plans to be here to help. God was not surprised and already had the details taken care of for me!


That last graphic is 1 Peter 5:7. 

Once again I was reminded that God is a personal God and he cares for me. The hits keep on coming but as my sweet friend told me, “Nothing will keep you down.”  Throwing all my cares on Him allows Him the opportunity to sustain me. 

I appreciate your continued prayers. I will continue to keep you updated. 


5 Replies to “Surgery Update”

  1. You have been in my prayers for surgery and your foot. Your Dad texted me about your fall! and the ankle. I know first hand about ankles!!! I have broken and sprained and severely bruised! It is painful, so take care of it too as you heal and recovery. I know you will enjoy having your parents visit. Love you, MJ


  2. We lifted you up in our Bible study on Thursday & begged God on your behalf that you would be protected from any side effects from your surgery. Continuing to pray that for you. So sorry about your foot! Hope that by the time you feel ready to be up & moving that it will feel so much better!


  3. Praying for you Ashley! I pray that your hospital visits officially ended with these events. Hugs, Michelle 

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  4. Ashley,

    Thank you for the update! Your journey is a continued testimony of our Lord’s desire to be intimate with each of us! I love your sweet spirit and steadfast faithfulness!!! I’ll be praying for rapid recoveries and lots of love/support too! I know you are surrounded by lots of support, but I can help in any way… Please know that Im just a phone call/text away!!!!😉Also, If Hamilton ever wants to play, I know Jared would love to have him over! Sending all our love your way💛

    Faithe Michaels



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