Fall Fashion

I know you will all be jealous of my latest fall fashion statement piece. 

I go back to see the doctor in three weeks where I hope I will be given the all clear. We are headed to Texas for Thanksgiving so I’d like to not have to travel in a boot. 

Recovery from surgery is going well. I’m off of Percocet and just on Tylenol. I’m bruised and sore (feels like bad PMS cramps), but getting around ok. 

I was able to drive today which was nice but still not feeling quite back to normal. Not sleeping great. It’s been such a huge help to have my mom in town to help so I can just rest and take it easy. 

We are going to (finally) celebrate Garrett’s second birthday this weekend as well as Halloween on Monday. I hope you all have a fun and enjoyable weekend. Who is believing that November is next week!?!

Thank you for continuing to pray for me and for reaching out to check on me. I have such an amazing support system. THANK YOU!!

2 Replies to “Fall Fashion”

  1. Please be in touch as you make your TX plans! Would love to see you! Continuing to pray for God’s protection over any negative side effects from the ovary/tube removal & for your foot. Sweet boot ;). Enjoy your mama & have fun celebrating this weekend! Love, Kamber

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  2. You know Uggs and TEVA have joined forces and they have a boot that looks just like that. Check it out on line. Hope your recovery continues to go well. Love Rosalyn

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