Medical Update

I wanted to update you on two things:

  • My foot:  I saw the podiatrist Monday afternoon.  It is healing, but I have to wear the boot for three more weeks.  Starting December 5 I can wear a shoe for 1 hour and then the boot the rest of the day.  If all feels well I can add 1 hour a day in a shoe until I build up to 8 hours.  If I have pain, discomfort, or swelling during this build-up process I am supposed to make an appointment where he will order me to have an MRI to make sure surgery is not needed.  Please pray against the need for surgery and that the Great Physician himself will heal me.  I am annoyed with the boot.  I’m just tired of having limitations at all.  I just want to be done.  I thought I would be done with recoveries, etc. by Thanksgiving, but it looks like I might just have to wait until 2017.  Bring on 2017!!
  • Oncology Follow-up:  I had my first 3-month post-chemo check-up with Dr. Zelnak, my oncologist.  They took a lot of blood work and I got those results back today.  They said all looks well and that all my levels look normal.  She has ordered for me to get a PET scan in December as a new base-line.  I will have my first post-cancer mammogram in February and then see her again after those results come in. (For those of you wondering – the mammogram is on my left side – I only had a right-side mastectomy).  At that time it will be a year since this all started – crazy!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  You have been so encouraging to me!  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this next week!

One Reply to “Medical Update”

  1. Good healing is happening but sorry you need the boot through this coming week and into Christmas shopping and school activities. Have a fun week with your family.


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