Kanakuk.  Looks like a funny word.  It’s pronounced “Can-uh-kuhk”.  It’s a Christian summer camp I attended growing up.  (And for the record they spell camp with a K at Kanakuk, so if you see it spelled with a K in this post it’s just out of habit).  One thing I told Mark when we got married and started having our boys was that I hope we could send them to Kanakuk.  I have a very specific spot in my heart for the place.  It’s where I came to know the Lord personally.  It’s where I realized Christianity is real and can be fun and cool.  It’s where I heard stories of real faith and saw the director, Joe White, literally carry a cross across the kamp grounds seeing with my own eyes the reality of the struggle Jesus chose on my behalf.  I saw my counselors, college kids, totally sold out for Jesus.  Much of the faith and relationship with God I relied on over the last year I found, learned, and grew through Kanakuk.

We went to Family Kamp (called K-Kauai) two years ago – all five us.  It was so much fun. While we were at Family Kamp we met a stellar family from Dallas (of course!).  I got to know the wife pretty well and felt an instant connection with her.  We exchanged phone numbers and kept in touch via FaceBook and texting each other.  Fast forward a year when I get diagnosed and she became a huge prayer warrior for me.


Well, this sweet lady, Cari Trotter, has a ministry ( that God is knocking the socks off of.  I have heard her speak, I’ve done her devotionals, and I wish I lived closer to go to her live events, but I truly feel God may just be appointing the next Beth Moore of our generation.

So the coolest thing is that she just launched an app.  I mean seriously?  (Cari, I know you are reading this – girlfriend you have an app!)  I’d love for you to check it out.  It’s free.  It’s called Becoming.  Download it!!  (Click here) Cari always stands behind and in the shadow of the cross when she teaches.  I promise God will bless you through her words.

And PSA:  send your kids to Kanakuk.  But if not Kanakuk – I know there are a lot of awesome Christian summer camps out there (Pine Cove, Winshape, Highland, etc.) – send your kids to an overnight camp.  It instills an independence and ownership of their faith.  It’s life changing.

But, seriously, go download Becoming. 🙂

4 Replies to “Becoming!”

  1. Thank you for sharing this! Just last night I was searching for an app devotional! I have downloaded it and am excited to use it!


  2. Thank you Ashley! Sorry I didn’t get to stay and tell you I’m so excited for you to come to our group! Even just taking the test has already opened my eyes in many areas and having those aha moments!! You are looking great by the way!! Have an awesome week! I’ll check out the app! Jessica

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