Quick Health Update

I know it has been way too long since I have posted and I do have posts coming, I promise, but for now I wanted to just give you a quick health update.

In December I had a PET scan.  Last week I had a mammogram.  Yesterday I went to my 3-month oncology check-up where she gave me the results of my scans.  My PET scan looked good – she wants me to have a follow-up PET in May.  My mammogram was clean so I’m on the normal yearly mammogram schedule.  Bloodwork all looked fine as well.

So overall, everything looked good.  I see her again at the end of May.  Her words were, “Just keep on keeping on.”  So…that’s what I’m gonna do.

Like I said – this is going to be really short.  I promise to write more soon.  Thanks for your continued love, prayers, and support.

4 Replies to “Quick Health Update”

  1. Yay for all good results!!! My prayers are for another 60 years of all clean reports! 🙌🙌😘


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