The Pink Affair

This past weekend we did something we haven’t done probably since our wedding: dress up and go to an event with a DJ and dancing.  Man it felt good and we had a ton of fun.

The event was called ‘The Pink Affair‘ and it was a Fundraising Gala supporting Turning Point.  Turning Point is where I went for all my physical therapy after my surgery and during all my cording pain.  It is a not-for-profit treatment facility just for breast cancer patients and was truly an amazing gift to me over this past year.

I wish I could have invited everyone (and flown in a lot of out-of-towners), but I chose to use it as a celebration honoring those friends that went over and beyond anything I could have asked for in how they loved, supported, and cared for me this past year.  We all got dressed up (and got to see our hubbies in suits), put on heels (oh my how my feet hurt!), met at our house for pictures (think prom), and drove to The Westin.

There was a live and silent auction (Two words: Puppy Party! – that’s an insider for those that were there) and then dinner and dancing.  It was a blast!!

I think it’s something I will want to go to for years to come to support this amazing organization that I would have survived without, but wouldn’t have been able to thrive without.  (Save the date next year: 3/24/18 – who’s coming with me?)

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