Choo-Choo Express

Each of my boys at one point in their life have been obsessed with trains.  Hamilton was probably the most intense and lasted the longest.  He went from Thomas the Train, to real trains, to Disney’s Chuggington, and then back to Thomas.  Luke sorta skipped the train phase, except for the Mickey Mouse movie (more on that in a bit).  Garrett loves the train table and was all things Thomas for awhile and now his go-to movie is the same Mickey Mouse one.

Disney put out a full-length feature movie on DVD called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo-Choo Express.  Here’s a couple pictures:

I put two so you could see how the train works.  I don’t know if you can tell, but the train throws out the next piece of track one at a time from his mouth.  I have no idea where all the track pieces come from (probably some of that pixie dust Disney magic).  If you want to see it in action go here and watch the first 25 seconds of the video:  CLICK HERE

A scripture I would consider my “life” verse is:  “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

Entertain my nerdiness for a second.  In my Key Word Study Bible I am able to ‘tease’ out the actual meanings of the words.  The Hebrew and Greek languages were so rich our English language cannot always do translation justice.  Looking up the words in my lexical aide in the back of my Bible can really add depth to the verse.  For instance:

plan: plot, consider, principal idea is that of thinking

course: way, route, road, conduct, way of life, physical pathway or journey

determines: be established, be firm, be prepared, make secure, provide, denotes bringing something into existence, “signifies the deep satisfaction and sense of well-being which comes from the certainty that the Lord directs man’s paths”.

The Amplified (AMP) version of the Bible says, “A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life], But the LORD directs his steps and establishes them.”

I am a planner.  I’ve been a calculated soul my entire life.  You know this from my previous post and picture of my four-month whiteboard calendar.  This verse reminds me who is truly in control of my plans.  I’m thinking about the future all the time (it can be as little as what I will buy at the grocery store to my son’s upcoming birthday party or even much bigger like my future hopes and dreams).  These plans obviously determine the course I perceive my journey should take as well as directs the conduct of my life to help accomplish those plans.  BUT!  The Lord is who firmly establishes each individual step, that when I submit to it, brings deep satisfaction when I realize he has my well-being in mind. (Read those last two sentences again – don’t gloss over them).

So what in the world does the  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo-Choo Express have to do with anything?

Well, I was recently watching the movie with G-man and it hit me what a perfect example the train was.  I can ride on the train where I think I want it to go, where I have planned for it to go, but God is the one that is throwing out each individual track ultimately taking my train where He wants it to go.  One.  Track.  At.  A.  Time.  He brings the path into existence one track at a time.  He is never in any rush.  Never is surprised of where He takes me.  I just have to trust, surrender, and be patient. 

So take 25 seconds and click on the video link above so you can see the train in action.  Think about your plans; the little ones and the big ones.  Try not to look so far ahead.  Enjoy the piece of track He has you on right now.  Expect some right-on-time-surprises. Continue to plan (I know I will), but also experience the excitement and peace in that he has the entire track already fully prepared.  And when a track goes in a different direction than we expect will we choose to trust, surrender, and be patient?  I pray we will.

2 Replies to “Choo-Choo Express”

  1. I love this Ashley! This topic has been heavy on my heart a lot lately, as I too am a planner. Great post. Thank you!

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  2. So good. So true. Just reading about this this morning. In Psalm 139 – and in Your book were all written the days that were ordained for me. Love you and can so relate to your nerdiness. Miss you!

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