A couple years ago Mark and I went on a vacation to Arizona. Neither of us had ever been to the state. We thought it was beautiful and we loved our time there.
One of our favorite spots we saw was Sedona. It was just majestic and brought a strange sense of peace even among its vastness. 

Well I would like to introduce you to our own little slice of that majesty…meet Sedona:


5 Replies to “Sedona”

  1. OMGoodness!!!! You are crazy!!! You are a good mama but crazy!! Xoxoxoxo. Sedona is precious!!! Congrats!!!

    Sincerely, Kimberly H. Craig Jesus loves you!



  2. Um, those eyes and that face! I want to snuggle Sedona sooooo bad! We are missing our furry kid more and more each day, but not ready to move forward with another dog just yet. But this makes me ache for our buddy Abe and makes me seriously so happy for you all!


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