Ebenezer Stone

One of my favorite worship songs came out a few months before I got diagnosed.  I had sang the chorus, but after February 10th the words took on a whole new meaning and this song became sorta an Ebenezer Stone** for me for this time of my life.  We sang it at church a couple weeks ago and I felt like I should share it with all of you.  Take some time to listen to it and Enjoy!

**”The prophet Samuel set up a stone after the LORD routed the Philistines and Israel won a great victory. This was not without repentance and seeking the LORD on Israel’s part. They had to put away their false gods and pray. The stone, named Ebenezer, commemorated that victory, for “Thus far the LORD has helped us” (1 Samuel 7:12). Whenever the Israelites would pass by the stone, they would remember what they were capable of, and how the LORD acted on their behalf.

So when people today refer to setting up an Ebenezer, they are using something physical to remind them of spiritual truth, especially God’s faithfulness and goodness.”

(Source: http://www.christianitytoday.com/biblestudies/bible-answers/spirituallife/ebenezerwhatmean.html)

No Longer Slaves

One of the first songs that was sent to me (thanks KR) was a link to a YouTube video in a text.  It was right before I was about to walk into the hospital for one of my many biopsies.  (I think it was of the lymph nodes – the biopsy that was going to determine chemo or no chemo.)  Every time I hear it I think back to that moment and how through this song God gave me a peace and a confidence and ultimately hope.  I would remember this chorus many times over the last year and it would bring those same feelings back, “I’m no longer a slave to fear.  I am a child of God.”  I chose this version of the video because it gives you the lyrics.  I hope you will take the time to listen to it.

I’m an AUNT!

My sister had my niece five weeks early.  Katie is at home recovering from a C-section and sweet Tinley will be in the NICU for awhile longer until she gains some more weight and strength but both are doing great!  Tinley Elizabeth was 4 lbs. 2 oz. and 17.25″ long.  She is beautiful and we can’t wait to meet her!


So one of the most common questions I’ve received over the last almost 18 months of my life has been, “How did you do it?  How did you stay so strong and faithful?”.  My answer would vary, but ultimately it came down to one word: Surrender.  My pastor gave an AMAZING sermon this past Sunday that described this thought of surrendering beautifully.  I would love for you to take the time to watch (or listen) to it.  Make sure to keep watching for the closing song.  (This will also give you a taste of the church we call home).


I would love to hear your thoughts, questions, and/or comments if you listen/watch it.  Comment below, reply to this email, or email me at: ashjan2002@gmail.com.