No Longer Slaves

One of the first songs that was sent to me (thanks KR) was a link to a YouTube video in a text.  It was right before I was about to walk into the hospital for one of my many biopsies.  (I think it was of the lymph nodes – the biopsy that was going to determine chemo or no chemo.)  Every time I hear it I think back to that moment and how through this song God gave me a peace and a confidence and ultimately hope.  I would remember this chorus many times over the last year and it would bring those same feelings back, “I’m no longer a slave to fear.  I am a child of God.”  I chose this version of the video because it gives you the lyrics.  I hope you will take the time to listen to it.

2 Replies to “No Longer Slaves”

  1. Ash, I LOVE this song. This song helped me get out of this deep pit I was in.

    Yes! I love this version because of the lyrics, too.


  2. Love this song, and have for quite some time! He split the sea so Regina and I could both walk right through it. Somewhat different journeys for a brief season, yet both drowned in His perfect love!


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