Whole30 Update

So I have received a lot of questions as to why my doctor recommended me to do Whole30 so I thought I would answer that question here for all of you.  I am having surgery next Thursday.  I pray it is the last surgery on this cancer journey.  It is the last of my reconstruction.  Some of you may or may not know that my last surgery (October 2016) I had my ovaries and tubes out which caused me to be in menopause.  And let me just say that is the gift that keeps on giving.  Part of my struggle in menopause has been my metabolism (or lack there of).  I had put on some weight and my plastic surgeon suggested I try Whole30 to jump start my weight loss.  He wanted me to be back to as normal as possible for the work he is doing in surgery, but to also see what foods may be causing me the most issues.

The part of Whole30 people forget is it is not just about the 30 days you are limiting grains, dairy, & sugar.  It’s about the reintroduction of those things back into your diet the 10-15 days after that helps you make life-long changes that are best for you.  My doctor actually recommended that I do it for 60 days so that after my surgery I am feeding my body the best type of foods to help with recovery. As well as I will be on exercise restrictions for 3-4 weeks so I don’t want to reintroduce a lot of the foods (sugar, grains, and dairy) while I can’t work out.

We are 18 days in.  Just over half way done.  Mark has done excellent and hasn’t cheated at all.  I’ll be honest that I haven’t been as good.  I may or may not have had a piece of candy at the movie theater.  It does require a lot of cooking and I have never bought so much produce and meat in my life.  We have not eaten out as much, but that part of our budget got moved to groceries because it has been about 25% more than usual this month.  Mark and I are both feeling great and our clothes are fitting much nicer.  We are developing some healthy habits that I do think will be permanent changes in our life.  (The recipes are really good – almost all I will be adding to my normal rotation.  The boys have really enjoyed them too.  All I did was check out the Whole30 book & recipe book from the library.  (Click for their amazon links.))

I’ll update you again on our final progress and results.  We did take measurements and beginning weight etc.

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