Our Family Has Arrived


Our family has arrived and we have just taken them to their room.  We have an hour before we meet up for dinner which is a low-country-broil tonight.  It’s an early night with not much activity to allow the families to get settled and rest after a long day of travel.  We have families coming from VA, TX, MO, GA, AL, WI, & IL!!!

Before our family arrived we received a list of some of their favorite snacks and drinks.  We went shopping and had lunch on our own.  We went to their room and turned on the lights, turned down the air conditioning, baked some chocolate chip cookies to have warm and out for them, put out their retreat t-shirts and bags on their bed, and put all their ‘favorite’ goodies in a welcome box.

They were the second family to arrive (there are 12 retreat families this week) so once they got checked in we took them to their room and helped them carry up their luggage.

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing family he has a facebook page that you can go to read more of his story and more specifically details on how you can be praying for him.  CLICK HERE.

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