Beach Time

Yesterday was such a fun kick-off to our week together. Alec got to get in the ocean and went deeper than he has ever before. (His backpack and heart machine is not able to get wet). This is from L-R is Harrison, Alec and Hamilton.

We had a dinner picnic on the beach and dressed in our Hawaiian best. Unfortunately Alec got sick and couldn’t join us but we went up to his room and played Dos (think Uno, but two).

We ended the day with the dads having a Texas Hold’em tournament and the moms and kids hanging out together.

Today brought the clouds and a bit cooler weather. Tonight is the Unbirthday party event. The parents get a date night and we hang with kids for pizza, cake, ice cream, and a full on birthday celebration. (Ironically Alec turns 14 on Saturday so it’s not so much an “un” birthday for him.)

Thanks for your continued prayers. Don’t forget to follow along with Alec on his FB page – CLICK HERE.

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