Today I Became A Blues Fan

So if you aren’t following hockey than you may not know that the St. Louis Blues are playing in the Stanley Cup Final. Alec and his family are HUGE Blues fans and thus we have become Blues fans this week. We watched them win last night all together.

I even changed my bitmoji for Alec 😉

As I mentioned in the previous post we had a big birthday party for all the kids. We played a lot of board games with Alec – Uno, Dos, Clue, & Life.

It’s been raining off and on but it’s been nice because it has forced us to cool off inside. Today the sun popped out just enough for us to take our kids to the pool for FlipFlop time. I am with the 3-4 year olds. Here are our 9 kiddos for the week. A couple of these were staff kids, a couple siblings, and a couple cancer children.

Tonight is sadly our last night. It’s Italian night and we dress up in tuxedo shirts and serve our families “high class” style. Tomorrow we say our “see you laters” and are on the road by 9 in the morning.

Keep praying for Alec. Pray for safe travels home for everyone. Thank you for your continued support.

One Reply to “Today I Became A Blues Fan”

  1. I think it is so great that you all went there to help! It’s awesome that there is such an amazing retreat for families going through such an incredibly difficult time!!!


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