I just wanted to keep everyone updated and would really appreciate your prayers over the next week. Upcoming appointments:

Today, Thursday, 2/8, 11:00 am est = CT Scan

Friday, 2/9, 1:00 pm est = removal of stitches and glue from surgery

Monday, 2/12, 10:15 am est = mtg. w/ oncologist for CT results

Results from Monday I am declaring will be clear because there is a magic formula in cancer world that when you get a third clean scan you can be “really” cancer free. This would move the frequency of my appointments to every 6 months from every 3 months.

But seriously? Magic formula? “Really” cancer free? There is no magic, or formulas, or 3rd times the charm with my God. He’s my great physician and with him comes nothing but #FREEDOM!! Like for realz legit freedom!

Thank you #teamaj

I’ll be posting updates here as well as the TeamAJ page on Facebook.

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